Stutz Multimedia and Artel Teamed Up for “It’s Always Sunny…” Promo

Stutz Multimedia assisted Artel Entertainment on the production of a 30-second promotional commercial highlighting Coors Light, FX Network and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” The half day shoot in November came together well and production team was excited by the final video.

Click on the link below to view the 30-second commercial.

Coors Light and FX Network\’s Paddy Pub Promo

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Promotional Poster

Stutz Multimedia and Stutz Photography teamed up to create an incredible promotional poster for the DeForest High School Varsity Soccer Team. The 17×20” poster featured each player, striking a different action pose and was punched up with some creative effects to make the players pop out from the background. An image of Breese Stevens Field was used as the backdrop and the sponsor list was minimized, leaving out logos this year to avoid distracting from the poster’s flow.

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Stutz Photography

The introduction of our photography department, Stutz Photography, has really taken off and is showing a large amount of success. The variety of styles and high end portraits have brought a lot of family looking for a change from the traditional mall photo studio and our attention to customer satisfaction is creating quite the buzz. We are currently working to also establish a solid base in a more fashion and commercial market.

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New Photography Card Design

The new Stutz Photography business cards are finished and turned out great. Using a play on the classic vacation postcards, which most will remember housing location names such as Nevada, or Colorado or Utah, we used the opportunity to showcase one of our photo subjects, and tug on the heart strings of parents everywhere. The flip side kept the postcard theme with a brief message on the left Continue reading

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New Photography Brochure

Stutz Photography BrochureWe received the final proofs for the Stutz Photography brochures today. The design was fun and simple, and we found the move to a nontraditional 4″x4″ size has had a positive impact with the groups we questioned.

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UW sailing club a national leader

Special to 77 Square
Posted: Sunday, May 30, 2010 4:55 am

Which organization boasts of possessing the largest nonmilitary fleet in the nation? The UW Sailing Club, which owns 120 boats and sailboards.

That group is hosting an event that is as large in magnitude as the club is in stature — the Intercollegiate Sailing Association’s national championship, a 10-day affair that kicked off Tuesday on Lake Mendota.

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Syttende Mai Stoughton still in the race

Special to sports
Posted: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 9:00 am

The number of registrants for the Syttende Mai Run and Walk has been a little inconsistent over the past few years, but longtime event coordinator Margit Gerber said she’s not going to sweat it. That activity she’ll reserve for the runners on May 15.

“We have always edged the 450 mark for the 20-mile run, but in 2008 we were below 400,” Gerber said. “We aren’t worried about our numbers, but we are looking forward and trying to be brave by adding new events.”

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Wisconsin Lakes Logo Redesign

I was contacted by Wisconsin Lakes to redesign its logo, in an attempt to modernize its look and broaden its general appeal.The new design is a much cleaner look, that is much more versatile than the previous logo in terms of branding and multiple product promotions.

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Save the Date Parody Card

Save the Date Card 2

This save the date card was created for a couple after discovering their shared love of music. The card was created as a parody, designed using influence from the Television program Glee’s season one DVD box cover. The couple loved the multiple personalities I was able to capture in them both, while maintaining a sense of friendship, romance and fun.

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Anderson Takes Aim

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