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Here is a link to my recent work in Madison Magazine.
I spent time with several of Madison’s finest police officers and had the chance to photograph them for the article, which ran this month. The piece examines Madison’s special police unit trained specifically to handle calls regarding citizens with mental illnesses. It is a great article worth reading and Madison is lucky to have an operation like this.

Click here to access Madison Magazine article.

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I received a lot of questions about the topic suggestion photo I posted with Anna from “Frozen” yesterday. Was it an illustration? Was it a photo? Did I grab that from a promo ad for ”Frozen?” What is it all about?
Well, here is a little background. I was looking for a fun project to photograph that is a little outside some of my more regular family, senior, and newborn portrait work, and I asked for suggestions and topics that people would like to see me photograph. Of all of the topics submitted, I chose Disney and snow, and combined them in the obvious option of doing something involving the movie “Frozen.”
I picked up an 9-inch Anna (Barbie-style doll) from Target, 10 pounds of flour, some baby rice cereal, 16 gauge wire from the craft store and a bunch of rocks from the construction yard a few blocks away.
I staged the lighting, hit the fan, invited a stranger from Subway to come down to provide a winter fog effect with the aid of her nicotine vaporizer, and sifted flour and rice cereal over the top for the snow blown effect. Voila! You have Anna wandering through the snowy mountainside, looking for her sister Elsa!
Here are a couple behind the scene shots to go along with the final photo.
It was a lot of fun putting this together and I thank those that helped, and submitted suggestions.
If you have a suggestion you would like to see me tackle, send me a message!
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  • We took Lauren out last weekend to capture some early Senior Class of 2017 portraits, and they turned out amazing.

    Here are just a few from her session.

    If is not too early for schedule your 2017 Senior Portraits, and reserve the best times, hint, if your hair doesn’t like humidity… make sure you are not scheduling your session for August.

    If you see Lauren in the halls, ask her for more information or contact us to schedule your summer session.

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Our Winter’s End Mini Session was a great success and we thank everybody who came out. Here is a sample from Hudson’s session. He had a lot of fun and his little bear friend made a great addition to the photos.

We will be offering another Mini Session shortly for those who missed it this time around.

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Ash was amazing to work with this afternoon and the portraits turned out absolutely perfect!

Thanks for being a good sport and letting me try a few new lighting techniques. Here is just a quick sample. There will be more to come.

Check out our Facebook site to see more in the coming days, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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